Today, I decided it was time to try out VisualSVN (I wasn’t committing as much as I needed.)

So I downloaded and bought a license at the same time, it’s only 49 dollars and I have to help the economy. I installed version 1.5.4. First, I closed Visual studio 2008, of course (a rare thing these days). After installing VisualSVN, I had to install the new TortoiseSVN 1.5.5. I don’t exactly remember which version I had anymore but it was not enough apparently.

So after doing this, I started Visual Studio up and added the enormous license key, we can only thank God for Copy+Paste, it makes life so simple ;-).

My first impression, I like it. It looks cool, but I noticed a problem. And I mailed it to them.

**I have a request, or a question.

I use Solution folders and when I right click on them no VisualSVN commit menus appear, like they do when you click on everything else in the solution explorer, although it has the little icon in front of it. Is this going to be added in the future or is this not possible to add?

For the rest, I can say I like it.

And I got a response within a day (I don’t know their timezone so less then a day is good for me.)


Thank you for your interest in VisualSVN!

It’s a known problem. We’ll consider your request!

And that’s how I like my customer support to be, quick and responsive. Keep up the good work.