Visual studio 2012 has no more Setup project, but you get the choice to download the installshield limited edition instead.

So if you go to Setup and deployment you get this but then without the installshield limited edition option above extensibility.

So when you choose that and type in a project name and click ok. You get sent to this page in a browser of your choosing.

So yeah, it’s free and it’s supposed to have the same functionality as the setup project you used to have and blah blah.

And then you go to the download page and you see this…

Uhm, it hasn’t been called VS11 for a while now. And it is out of Beta for a few weeks now.

So then you give them all your details because it’s free, remember.

And then you can choose which version you want to download.

And you want me to trust these guys? Because it’s free?

I’m sorry but my premium edition of Visual studio is not free so I expect better.

Oh and you might have noticed that the enable Installshield limited edition thing does not go away when you have it installed. I’m so happy about that.

Oh, and did I mention you have to activate this free version and that the activation did not get thru our proxy and that I did an offline activation and more then 24 hours later am still waiting for the confirmation mail. So in essence I kinda have a useless version. I’m not bitter or anything.