So I also made the a similar template with structuremap support included.

Which looks something like this

``` Imports Nunit.FrameWork Imports StructureMap

Namespace $NAMESPACE$ “’ <summary> “’ A TestClass “’ </summary> “’ <remarks></remarks> <TestFixture()> _ Public Class $CLASSNAME$

#Region “ Setup and TearDown “ “’ <summary> “’ Sets up the Tests “’ </summary> “’ <remarks></remarks> <Setup()> _ Public Sub Setup() StructureMapConfiguration.UseDefaultStructureMapConfigFile = False StructureMapConfiguration.ScanAssemblies.IncludeTheCallingAssembly() End Sub

    ''' &lt;summary&gt;
     ''' Tears down the test. Is executed after the Test is Completed
      ''' &lt;/summary&gt;
       ''' &lt;remarks&gt;&lt;/remarks&gt;
     &lt;TearDown()&gt; _
      Public Sub TearDown()
         End Sub      

#End Region

#Region “ Tests “ “’ <summary> “’ A Test “’ </summary> “’ <remarks></remarks> <Test()> _ Public Sub $Test_Name$()

           End Sub

#End Region

 End Class

End Namespace``` And of course I also made an XmlFile so you can easily import it.