Someone today asked me how to copy paste the calendar in outlook to a word document. I couldn’t find the answer to that question but I found a suitable alternative instead.

The alternative is to use this dot (template) file instead. I found it on this Microsoft site..

This isn’t made for us europeans, as the Note says.

NOTE: This template solution is designed to work only with U.S. versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. It may not function correctly with non-U.S. versions of these products.

But that is easily fixed.

I changed this

vbnet argdate = Trim(cmonth) & "/" & "1" & "/" & Trim(styear) into this

vbnet argdate = "1" & "/" & Trim(cmonth) & "/" & Trim(styear) The code is horrible BTW. But it works. And you have to turn on macros for this to work.

That site says it only works with 2002 but I tried it on 2003 and it works just as good.