Today I also needed to print the datagridview that was filled with the resutls of my queries. Instead of using a report engine, I used a tool already in my toolbox, namely Rustemsoft’s datagridviewprint class. I made another extension method (I really like those things). You can find the code on our wiki.

And here is an example. I obfuscated the results just so it looks a bit more important ;-).

This is the datagridview.

And this is the printpreview.

And all that by just having this as the code.

vbnet Me.DataGridView1.printPreview(Me.TabControl1.SelectedTab.Text, "Printed On: " & Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm")) I do have to say that this method is a bit slow but I am using an older version, perhaps the new one is faster.

You can always ask question about VB.Net on the forums.