By now you should already know how to add a default implementation into StructureMap but would it not be nice that you also had a nice way to add a non-default/second implemntation to the configuration? Let me answer that question for you, Yes it would.

So what am I waiting for? I’m waiting for you to download the source from sourceforge ( And then you compile it and use the StructureMap from that build. And now we continue with our regular program.

First this is one method of adding a default implementation to StructureMap.

vbnet Dim _Registry as new tructureMap.Configuration.DSL.Registry _Registry.ForRequestedType(Of ITest)().TheDefault.Is.OfConcreteType(Of Test1).WithName("name1") This works fine and well if we do this

vbnet Dim _Container as New StructureMap.Container(_Registry) _Container.GetInstance(Of ITest)() this will bring back the implementation of Test1.

And so will this BTW

vbnet _Container.GetInstance(Of ITest)("name1") But now I have a second implementation of ITest namely Test2 (who said I wasn’t original?). Test1 is still the default implementation but sometimes we need to use Test2 as the implementation. So we do this.

vbnet _Registry.ForRequestedType(Of ITest).AddInstances(Function(e) e.OfConcreteType(Of Test2).WithName("name2")) Or this.

vbnet _Registry.InstanceOf(Of ITest).Is.OfConcreteType(Of Test2).WithName("name2") Both give the same results. Now if I do this.

vbnet Dim _Container as New StructureMap.Container(_Registry) _Container.GetInstance(Of ITest)() I will get the implemntation of Test1.

But if I want Implemntation number 2. I do this.

vbnet _Container.GetInstance(Of ITest)("name2") So it is quite simple if someone tells you 😉