If you want to learn then you have to read and I read blogs (among other things). But how do you find the good things to read? It takes a while to find the good blogs, so here is a little list.

Most of these guys do C# programming so I have to translate to adapt it to my situation but I don’t mind.

Lets start with Ayende Rahien he is the maker of much useful software like Rhino mocks and some other things starting with Rhino. He posts a lot, usually more than once a day.

Then I also follow Jeff Atwood he usually posts multiple times a day, not only about software development, but also about hardware and other stuff.

I also follow Scott Hanselman, his podcasts are really good and his babysmash program is an interesting way to learn WPF (and no, I never thought he was smashing babies ;-), well, perhaps a few seconds).

Roy Osherove a member of the team that are writing Typemock.

Some bloggers have come together and make it easier to follow several people. One of them is devlicio.us. This blog is mostly .net and usually on a daily basis.

Then we have LosTechies.com It’s about the same principle as Devlicio.us.

A third “collection” of blogs can be found at CodeBetter.com.

Some honorable mentions (blogs I have found in the last few weeks): Yet another language geek, someone who works on the C# compiler team; Leaning into windows, another VB user; I am not myself, another person who is finding his way through the Alt.Net stack.

If you have some more. Please add them to the comments.