The Solution folders an apparently also the projects are not always sorted alphabetically. This is very annoying since my brain took years to get to this stage and it will take years to get used to them not being that way.

And guess what I’m not the only one that has noticed this problem. There was a post on the MSDN forums An there is even a feedback about it but it is already closed as not being reproducible. So I guess I have to learn to live with this new feature.

But I have a workaround, based on the F2+Enter thing. Because F2 doesn’t do what it does for other people :-/ that didn’t work for me. But wath does F2 normally do in Visual Studio? It makes it so you can rename a folder.

So for further reference right click on the solution folder choose rename and press enter


The folder is still the same name but it is now in the right place. Simple. Thank you MS. And thank you ThomasAndersenDK for posting the solution.