Yesterday Resharper 6 launched and if you are developing in Visual studio you should seriously get it. I love it and have been playing with the nightly builds and the bet, beta2, beta3, RC, RC2 for a few weeks now. I just hated that I had to install a new version nearly every single day. An auto update feature would be nice Jetbrains.

Here is what’s new.

JavaScript support

ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor support

CSS support

HTML support

Code analysis in VB.NET

Improvements in XAML support

Color assistance

Macros for file headers

ReSharper suggestions explained

Searchable inspection severity options

Extended navigation and search

Bundled decompiler

Multiple new code inspections

Find similar issues

Converting LINQ to loops

New String.Format context actions

Import types for pasted code

In-place refactorings

Improvements in unit testing

The code analysis in VB.Net still needs some work, you will get false positives from it, but they are slight edgecases. But you should never trust any tool. They are there to help not to know best.

I just bought mine a few minutes ago and I think Jetbrains should also work on there checkout system. I had to click way to many times. If you want to take money from people then at least make it easy for me to give it to you.

Now go download and have fun.