Because I want you all to save some time ;-). I selected a couple of very nice articles that I read on the codeproject site this week.

First up [NHibernate Best Practices with ASP.NET, 1.2nd Ed.

By Billy McCafferty]1. This is a great article about nHibernate but not only for you ASP.Neters but also for windowsforms and WPF users. nHibernate or any other ORM is a must have for any OO developer. I think that a good DAL (DataAccessLayer) should be usable for no matter what you throw at it. And this just confirms it 😉

I also like this article, Dependency Injection Frameworks – Part 1 – Introduction it explains the basics of IoC and Dependency injection very well. I can’t wait for the second installment.

This one, [AOP Using Spring.NET – Part 2

By Niranjan Kumar]3, is a little less clear and uses Spring.Net

But worth a read none the less. It is a follow-up to this article, [AOP Using Spring.NET – Part 1

By Niranjan Kumar]4.