YEEEEEEEEEEEEHA 😀 the spelling checker didn’t like that one), here are some of the new features in VB 10.

And yes, I did sound happy there, because some of these features are really not optional but much needed. Like the multi-line lambda and the sub lambda.

You can find the whole video on Channel9

Multi-line lambdas will look like this

vbnet myfunction.lambdathing(Function(e) e.dosomething e.dosomethingelse End Function) Or like this

vbnet myfunction.lambdathing(Sub() dosomething dosomethingelse End Sub) Now this will also be possible. And I’m very happy about that.

vbnet myfunction.lambdathing(Sub() dosomething) They will also support auto properties and collection initializers, neither of which I really needed.

I’m so happy, I think I will stick with VB for a while. Although all the catching up to C# thing is annoying. I just hope it doesn’t become a VS 2011 or later version. Let’s make it a VS 2010 that came out in 2009 version shall we?

And here is some other stuff that should be possible.

vbnet Private Sub SomeMethod() Dim _counter as Integer = 1 AddHandler Button1.Click, Sub() _counter += 1 TextBox1.text = _counter End Sub vbnet Private Sub SomeMethodRunningInAnotherThread() Me.Dispatcher.Invoke(Normal, Sub() 'Do some other stuff SomeTextBox.Text = "Test" End Sub) End Sub Info found after some random surfing on StackOverflow