Here is a list of the wikis that refer specifically to Microsoft Access, however, a great many ideas from other areas, such as SQL Server, can be transferred to Access, so don’t stop here! You can also post in our forums (Access VBA & Jet SQL, Access Forms & Reports), if you need any help, or would like to help others.

It is important to remember that Access uses the Jet database, for the most part, but both halves of this union, Jet and Access, can be used separately. It is something I often forget 🙂


DAO is the preferred method for working with Jet through Access, however there are some things that need ADO, such as the decimal data type. In addition ADO is useful for working with Jet when you do not wish to use Access.


This section includes some fun and useful information for manipulating Access modules and working with code.

Data / Checking Data

Here you will find some notes on getting decent data into your database.

The Database

This is, for the most part, the database in Access rather than the Jet database by itself.

Forms and Reports

There is no point having a database if you let users get their hands on it, you need forms 🙂 Here you will find some notes on these.


This is a list of functions that appear in the wiki, a number of them may have been better under other headings, but there you go.

Other Applications

Access works well with other Office Applications.

Weird Stuff

Just the one at the moment, and it is quite weird.