So Theodore tagged me in his post.

So I guess I need to tell you the story that time when I had a perfectly good working system and started from scratch anyway.

Well I rewrote my application 4 times already over the years. The first version was n MS-Access database an MDB. And it worked just fine. But I kept adding and adding to it. And the 2 gig limit came into range. SO I rewrote it to an SQL-server database with an access frontend. Which was fine but access has a hardtime with images and barcodes and scanning. And allthough it was possible it took to much of my time. So I switched to VB.Net and made an even bigger mess of it.

Than I took classes in Java and saw the OOP- light and rewrote the darn thing for the 4th time from the ground up, new database, new frontend.

And will this be the last time I do this? Am I happy with wath I have now? Are 10000 tests enough?


So yeah I throw things away and start from scratch a lot of the time. Because I can and the boss will lets me. Because there is a reason to. And because you become smarter whith age and I have plenty of age to go around by now.