When you install Visual studio 2012 RTM you get, amongst some other stupid surprises, a new version of the Microsoft reportviewer control. Hooray.

There are worst things in life, except that all my clients have reportviewer 2010 installed. But that was quickly fixed, just download the new redistributable.

Except the lastest you can find out there is the beta version.

And how do I know this is the same version I have on my dev machine??

As you might see those are not exactly the same version but who cares it’s such a tiny difference the RTM ends in 16 and the beta ends in 11. But I can tell you it works.

Except that this time you also have to install the sqlclrtypes perquisite.

Please someone at Microsoft instead of making new icons and themes and Uppercase menus, get your act together and check these things before you start sending things out. It’s not that hard, it’s called a checklist.

Oh, and there is an x86 and x64 version of the SQLSysClrTypes installer and they just happen to share the same name, joy oh joy.