Last Tuesday (August 5 2008) Oren was in Belgium and he invited people to come along to a beer night/meeting in Brussels.

It is funny how people jump at a chance like that to meet up with somebody they have never seen before. But after reading his blog, seeing his screencasts, using all the software he has created and noticing all the other things he does for the community, you just want to see and talk to him in person.

And to be honest, the man lives up to his reputation, he is very smart and what is most noticeable is the way that he listens and the way that he tries to learn and understand. I think if you want to get ahead in life you have to keep learning and try to improve yourself all the time.

So go ahead, read his blog and see how he evolved over time and learn from that. I think it is impossible to come to the same level of thinking in a short time, but one must always try and improve oneself. That doesn’t mean to say we always have to agree on everything, since every situation is different.

Thanks again, Oren, for all you have and will do for the community.

And if you can try and hire his services for a while, I am very sure you won’t be disappointed. It will probably even save you money in the end.