In an attempt to overcome my perfectionism I’ve decided to open source my long term side project Machete for the world to see. Machete is my own dialect of the ECMAScript 5 standard or as it is more commonly called JavaScript.


Cleaner lambda expressions:

var succinct = (x, y) x + y;
var verbose = function (x, y) { return x + y; };

First class iteration support with the foreach loop and generators.

var numbers = generator {
    yield 1;
    yield 2;
    yield 3;

foreach (var n in numbers) {

foreach (var e in ["Array", " objects", " are", " iterable", "!"]) {

foreach (var c in "Strings are iterable!") {


  • The compiler is written in F# and uses the library FParsec.
  • The runtime is written in C# and is hosted by .NET.
  • It currently has over 400 tests with many more on the way.

Machete is the product of almost a years worth of research, design, and coding. I have it hosted on GitHub so please stop by and fork the project. I would really love to up my test count dramatically and test cases from the community would be invaluable. Without further ado, the link to my repository.

GitHub Repository For Machete