If you ever get the question from someone why excel is dividing the number by 100 for no aparent reason, Well then I have the answer 😉

In Excel 2003 goto Tools > Options > Edit > Fixed decimal places. Chances are that that little checkbox is checked.

In excel 2007 they changed the description (automaticaly insert a decimal point) for that checkbox and changed it’s location to Office Button > Excel Options > Advanced. Thanks to George for checking this.

I’m sure that you can play tricks on people with that. I know of not many people that know what that option does. Including myself until a few hours ago. Took me half an hour to find it.

I actualy wonder who uses that option anyway. and George to the rescue again.

I suppose….. if you are entering a lot of data (like money with 2 fixed decimal places), it would be faster to enter the data without the point. $12.42, just type 1242.

Of course won can wonder if you really have the rigth tool with excel if that is going to make a difference.