I read lots of blogs, More then 40 in total. And sometimes you find one that has an interesting post and then I add that to my google reader list.

The next post I found via Jason bock’s blog. It’s about exception handling and the filter posibilities VB.Net has, well actualy the abality is there in the CLR it’s just no implemented in C# as of yet. And not any time soon as it seems.

The post is by Daniel Earwicker and is called “Fatal Exceptions, and Why VB.NET Has a Purpose!“. Of course VB.Net has a reason. But that’s not the point.

I like the way he describes errorhandling and the process you go through. From trying to handling them all to handling only the generic one.

Personally I think this is a bit better solved in Java where you have to handle excpetions this way you know which excpetions will be thrown by the class you are calling.

Anyway it was a nice read hope you enjoy it too.