I like powershell and from time to time I even use it.

This time I needed to rename a lot of files in some directory I had.

First thing to note is that these files are on a NAS.

No problem just do

cd \```
and you’re on that drive.

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That doesn&#8217;t work with the normal commandline BTW.

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So now we are there we can see we have bunch of files.

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It is clear that these files don&#8217;t say a lot about the contents, I will want to fix that. I want to prefix them all with Stargate. Easy just cd your way to that directory <code class="codespan">Stargate/SG1/Season 1</code> and do this.

Dir *.mkv | rename-item -newname { “Stargate ” + $_.Name}``` Yep that’s one line of code.

But darnit I have more than one season of Stargate, I have 10.

Not to worry just go to the Stargate/SG1 directory instead and do this.

Get-ChildItem -recurse | Where {$_ -IS [IO.FileInfo]} | rename-item -newname { "Stargate " + $_.Name}```
And done. Oh no, I made a misstake I also have Atlantis and Universe on there so I would better name them Stargate &#8211; SG1.

Not to worry I can just replace what I did before. Like this.

Get-ChildItem -recurse | Where {$_ -IS [IO.FileInfo]} | rename-item -newname { -replace “Stargate “,“Stargate - SG1 ” }``` And I’m done. Now to just do this for the 2 others and everything is a lot clearer from now on.

Happy powershelling people.