ITPROceed 2014 is now a thing of the past, but is has been an awesome – and free! – event. A very big thank you and "well done" to the organizers. It has been a great gathering of the #sqlfamily, with superb sessions about Azure, restoring databases with PowerShell, Hekaton (yes yes In-Memory OLTP), Administration Intelligence (a new buzzword for marketing?), a glimpse into the new APS (Analytics Platform System, a blend of PDW and Hadoop that will knock your socks off) and of course my own session about data visualization.

My session went pretty well: I had time left at the end and every demo went really OK (so sacrificing a virgin to the demo gods really does help, in case you are wondering). You can find the presentation at SlideShare and you can download the demo code (SSRS report project and Excel worksheet) here.

See you at the SQLServerDays and at ITPROceed 2015!