With hybris 5, you can use ImageMagick to convert your images. ImageMagick is open source software and comes with the hybris 5 platform. Now how do you enable the mediaconversion in hybris running on a Microsoft Windows OS?

By default mediaconversion is not enabled in hybris 5 as you can see in the picture from the hMC.

Make your Windows ready

To use ImageMagick you need to install the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. Also note that on a 64-bit Windows OS both the x86 and the x64 package need to be installed.

The necessary packages can be found here:

Change the hybris configuration

Open the localextensions.xml file in ‘hybris_install_dir’config and lookup the following tag:

Uncomment the tag and add the location of the mediaconversion extension:

<extension name="mediaconversion" />

Rebuild hybris

Open a command prompt and navigate to the ‘hybris_install_dir’binplatform directory.

Execute the following commands

ant clean all

Update the system

Last step is to go to the hybris Administration Console and perform a System Update.

Check your system

Open hMC and navigate to the Multimedia folder. If everything went well you will see the Conversion Groups. Also note the availabe Conversion Media Format while right-clicking the Media Formats.