One of the highlights of my year so far was being accepted to speak for the SQL Saturday in Pensacola #77.  This particular SQL Saturday took my attention because of the feedback I had heard from the previous events held in Pensacola.  Along with the great feedback and turnout that this SQL Saturday draws, there are many of my friends in the community that are in the area as well as traveling to the state of Florida to also organize, volunteer and present.  Karla Landrum (Blog | Twitter), Rodney Landrum (TSEQUEL), Aaron Nelson (Blog | Twitter) and his daughter Dorothy and others I know personally.  The added bonus to the area was the opportunity to meet people like Audrey Hammonds (Blog | Twitter) (awesome tattoo!), Eric Wisdahl (Blog | Twitter) (gave me great suggestions on my demos and great conversations), Tim Radney (Blog | Twitter) (The look on his wife’s face when she saw the tattoo), Steve Jones (Blog | Twitter) and so many other great presences in the community.

Beyond the fact that I gained a great deal of personal enjoyment out of this event;, it was organized and managed as well as a SQL Saturday could be.  Karla is well known for the time and energy that she puts into events and the community.  This one had no limits to that show of energy and the results were nothing short of a very successful SQL Saturday.

Presenting for a SQL Saturday is a process for any presenter, new or experienced.  The distance brings in cost and time away from families.  Loving the feel of a good flow chart, we can review that as...

The money is the hardship for most presenters, organizers and volunteers.  Although, this is a small price to pay when even one individual that attended your session comes to you after your session and express great enthusiasm about the knowledge and ideas you passed onto them.  This was and is the hopes of my DBA Multiplier session.  This event I had several come to me after the session and they seemed very excited about how many options had become available to them given the knowledge and concepts I passed onto them.  This is what I hope to accomplish from presenting, blogging and even helping in the forums.  One person that will be more successful because of my help is why the long hours, cost and time from home seems worth it.  No matter if that is a user group with 6 people in attendance or a PASS session with 200.  All it takes is one person to gain a little more to make their own career and jobs easier and more skilled.

I hope to make Pensacola an annual event that I can travel to from here out.  And as long as they will have me, I’ll be there.

Thanks again to all that attended my session and the great feedback I had from everyone.  To Karla, Rodney and the rest of the volunteers and presenters; you absolutely surpassed excellence on this one!  The SQL Community owes you thanks.