One of the (many) great things about PASS Summit was the contacts I made for speaking at user groups. I was able to recruit many speakers for my UG, MADPASS, and I was also able to connect with other UG leaders who asked me to present for them.

Thursday, December 8, I had the pleasure of speaking for the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada user group, EDMPASS. I talked about “Reporting Services 201: From Basic To WOW!“. The slides and .rdl files are [here][4]. Big thanks to Colin Stasiuk (twitter | blog) for asking me to speak, and for keeping his UG meeting going even when the venue wasn’t available!

Friday, December 9, I was able to present for the Albuquerque, New Mexico user group, ABQ SQL! I also got the chance to present “Reporting Services 201: From Basic To WOW!“. Those slides and files can be found [here][8]. Thank you Keith and Meredith for asking me to speak for you!

Next up for me is speaking at the Wisconsin SQL Server User Group in January! It will be good to see that crew again!

[4]: /wp-content/uploads/users/grrlgeek/EDMPASS

[8]: /wp-content/uploads/users/grrlgeek/SSRS 201 ABQSQL