On 19 and 20 November, the annual SQL Server Days will take place again. This 2 day event organized by the Belgian SQL Server User Group is the event for all people working with MS SQL Server in Belgium (others are welcome too). From beginner to expert, from developer to DBA, from Excel specialist to BI designer.


Because they provide a different track for all the profiles even for the Oracle DBA’s.

Because some international top speakers are coming like :

  • Bob Beauchemin (Blog | Twitter): Whenever you see someone from SQLskills on a speaker list you shouldn’t doubt and just go. I’ve seen Bob teaching in Barcelona twice and can assure you, listing to him is fun but be prepared for some deep learning
  • Dandy Weyn (Blog | https://twitter.com/ilikesql): The Belgian who presented the American MS SQL Server 2012 roadshow. Who wants to miss that?
  • Mladen Prajdic (Blog | Twitter): When you’re able to write a SSMS plugin like the SSMS Tools Pack, you can tell a lot more about the tricks nobody heard of.

Because also Belgian top speakers will present some sessions :

  • Karel Coenye (twitter) will be talking about the forgotten fill factor
  • Pieter Vanhove (blog | twitter)will help you set your backup settings right
  • Rising SSIS star Koen Verbeeck (twitter) will celebrate the wedding between SSIS and CDC
  • O-Advisor Wesley Backelant (twitter)will finally tell you what this OData thing is you keep hearing about.

Because you just want to meet over 400 peers from Belgium who work with MS SQL Server.

So what are you waiting for?