Last week was the 2013 edition of the SQL Server Days. It was an amazing event: there was a great audience, fantastic speakers and nice booths by the sponsors (especially the bar with Belgian beer was pretty awesome). It was great meeting up with the #sqlfamily again.

Anyway, I gave a session about using BIML to generate SSIS packages based on metadata. The session went pretty well: demos didn't crash and the audience had some good questions (which I was luckily able to answer).

For those of you interested, you can download the slide deck of the session – which contains a lot of links to very useful resources – at slideshare. I used a small application I wrote to upload flat file metadata to a database. You can find the code here. I do not provide any support however and using it is at your own risk. A zip file with sample flat files, the .sql scripts and the BIML script used in the demos can be downloaded here.

If you attended the session, I hope you enjoyed it and that you consider using BIML in your next projects.

See you at the SQL Server Days next year!