I’ve heard stories about people being approached about a new job by a company, rather than the other way around, because the company liked their work, their writing, their presentations, or maybe all three. I thought, “That’s an awesome dream. It’s not going to happen to me.”

Until last week.

Blue Door Consulting, a boutique marketing firm in Oshkosh, WI, asked me to join their growing company. I’ll be working with a small team that feels like a family as a Technology Consultant. I’ll be bringing my database knowledge to their client’s web and mobile apps, and am looking forward to bringing business intelligence solutions to the clients as well.

I’m very excited to be expanding my skill set at Blue Door. I hope I will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed my time at KC. I’ll still be tweeting, blogging, and presenting, so make sure to look for me in the coming months! Blue Door found me because I always make my voice heard, so I’m not going to be quiet now!

Lesson learned: community involvement can have unexpected rewards. Speaking, blogging, tweeting, and community work have given me this opportunity. If you’ve thought about doing any of those things, but haven’t started yet, do it now! You never know who may be watching your work!