I’ll be attending my first SQL Saturday in October. The event is the East Iowa SQL Saturday.

I’m excited about having the chance to go to one finally. Over the years I’ve found it very important to stay current with the SQL Server community.

One of the goals I set way back in the beginning of the year was to start teaching and sharing what I know about SQL Server and development on the many services we have at our disposal. Work has taken a toll on that goal being accomplished as many of you know.

I’m mostly looking forward to this event to get a feel of the speakers and the process so I may one day jump in as one myself. If you are near to this event I would recommend it. So far the list of speakers is really good and I’m looking forward to all the sessions being held.

You can find all of the details on sqlfool’s (Michelle Ufford) site.

I hope to see you there and look forward to meeting new faces in the SQL Server community.