Automation of tasks is a true art and skill that you learn through your career as a DBA, Consultant or even Developer.  Unfortunately and fortunately, in today’s age, we have dozens if not hundreds of tools at our disposal for automation.  Over my own career, I’ve managed to take a firm handle on many of the tools that are out there, refine their usage as they fit best and develop several sound, stable and efficient means to and overall automated foundation of administrative tasks.   SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) has been at the base of many of those tasks and used as the one tool that has made this possible.


This weekend, July 28th, I have the pleasure of presenting on SSIS for automation as a way to multiply database administrator head counts for SQL Saturday in Indianapolis.  With an automated presence in your position, you’ll find a virtual headcount increase and overall efficiency in your daily, weekly and monthly effectiveness.  During the presentation we’ll talk about goals of meeting that objective of effectiveness in automation with demos that range from backup/restore to advanced merge replication data partition monitoring.

I hope everyone that is interested in SSIS tips, tricks and using it better as an overall advanced automation and conditioning tool, joins me this Saturday.  If you are not available and although a presentation slide deck doesn’t hold as much content as the combination of a presenter and the deck together, you can download the slide deck here.

If you are interested in any of the demonstrations and method the demonstrations were developed in, here is a list of them for you to utilize in your own DBA multiplying efforts.

Merge Baseline Collections with SSIS

Backup file contents with SSIS – INSERT/UPDATE Decisions

Backup file contents with SSIS – Supporting tables and procedures

Backup file contents with SSIS – Foreach Loop Container and file handling

Backup file contents with SSIS – Defining the Design

Automate Database Restore to Remote Instance with SSIS

Compress Data Partition Snapshots with SSIS – SQL University

Making SSIS Dynamic: Passing variables between packages

Making SSIS Dynamic: Configuration Management