Red Gate recently released a new version of their great product, SQL Backup Pro.  The one thing about this version that may get your fancy on is the buzz around cloud storage.  For most administrators, both DBA and Domain alike, the cloud has offered a great deal in terms of disaster and recovery by throwing just about anything out there that you need offsite and is critical to ensuring a safe recovery point.  With this new version of Backup Pro, I can see the tool becoming even more widely used for it’s already ease of feel to getting your backups in SQL Server done and safeguarded.  I have been around long enough to have used LTO tape for olouffsite storage and have felt the pain of getting those tapes back in the event of a data disaster.  No one likes that situation.  No one!  Cloud type storage has thrown the tape days to the curbs (although, still have merit in tape) but with tools now integrating and services backups to a cloud based service, our options are greatly improved.

As with most great products out there that I strive to use to make sure my work is efficient and stable, SQL Backup Pro is available for a trial version so you can give it a try yourself and see if it fits with your SQL environment.

Some key points from the Redgate’s site

With SQL Backup Pro 7.3, you can quickly, simply, and securely upload and store a copy of your backups in the cloud, protecting your data from onsite disaster.

  • Get backups off site quickly and simply, without the hassle of tape
  • Recover your data whenever you want
  • Manage your backups online

You’ll need a Hosted Storage account, SQL Backup Pro 7.3, and that’s it – we’ll give you your first 5GB of storage free.

Look for a review to be coming soon from myself and possibly other Lessthandot bloggers on SQL Backup Pro 7.3.

Go give it a try.  Red Gate has always delivered and they are keeping to that with additional features like this service.