It isn’t very often I’m left speechless at the efforts a company and team will go through to make their customers truly, 100% pleased with a product.  Tonight was one of those times.

Yesterday, October 15th, I published a review of the new Plan Explorer Pro from SQL Sentry, “Plan Explorer Pro – First Glance”.  I already take every chance I get to show off Plan Explorer and relay the value it holds to both, DBAs and Developers.  With the Pro edition there are features added that really stepped it up to a new level.  If you haven’t, go out and read about it, download it, use it!  In my review, there was really only one thing I found that I a bit bummed about – the SSMS Add-in for Plan Explorer didn’t work with the new Multi-tab feature in the Pro Edition.  Well, it’s October 16th and to my amazement, the SQL Sentry team took that feedback and ran with it to the point, there is an update to the SSMS Add-in and Plan Explorer to make them work together with the multi-tab feature.

I had a chance to download the update and test it out.  Now, when you  have either an existing Plan Explorer instance open or open one from the right click in a plan from SSMS and open Plan Explorer, the next instance of opening a plan from SSMS to Plan Explorer, creates a new tab in the existing Plan Explorer instance.  That is awesome!

If you read my initial review, you know I love efficiency in everything and always seek that perfect flow.  Plan Explorer has already added a great deal to making me more efficient in my job and anything done when to execution plans (and I work in them quite a bit).  With the new Pro and now the quick turnaround of the add-in functionality, the value skyrocketed.

As a consultant and providing services or products, I’m always seeking the best way to make all my clients satisfied and coming back.  Part of that is forming a relationship and communication level in which both the client and service provider work together in order to end with the highest quality.  SQL Sentry has always shown that and tonight, literally blew me away on just how focused they are in making their products of the highest quality while also meeting that ultimate goal; working together as a customer/client relationship to make things that much higher on the quality and value scale.

Thanks, SQL Sentry!

Note: I can hear it now so I’ll get it out of the way.  I am not affiliated with SQL Sentry.  I am a customer looking for the best tools to meet my needs.  I’ve gone through dozens, if not hundreds, over my career and I can, with complete confidence say, SQL Sentry is doing things right and making the right tools.  If you haven’t tried out Plan Explorer or other SQL Sentry products, you need to use up some of that download bandwidth and give them a try.