To see all the databases with their size on an instance, you can use sp_helpdb. That works but returns the results in some random order. In my case I see master, model and

msdb followed by a couple of user database, then tempdb and then again some user databases. What if I want to get the list returned order by size descending? This is pretty easy if you dump the results into a table and then do the sorting when doing the SELECT query against this table. The one thing you have to do is taking out MB from the db_size column and converting it to something numeric.

Here is what the query looks like

CREATE TABLE #test (name varchar(100), db_size varchar(100),owner varchar(100),db_id int,created varchar(100),status varchar(1000),compatibility_level int)
INSERT #test 
EXEC sp_helpdb
SELECT name,db_size,owner,db_id,created,compatibility_level 
FROM #test
ORDER BY CONVERT(float,REPLACE(db_size,' MB','')) DESC


And here is what you would see

name            db_size    owner       db_id   created     compatibility_level
TestBigger      988.31 MB   DenisDenis  8   Nov 26 2012 110
TestSmaller     710.31 MB   DenisDenis  9   Nov 26 2012 110
msdb             38.00 MB   sa      4   Feb 10 2012 110
master           18.63 MB   sa      1   Apr  8 2003 110
ReportServer         12.94 MB   DenisDenis  5   Aug 16 2012 110

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