CozyRoc has always been one of my favorite companies producing custom components and tasks for SSIS.  I’ve found many real life cases in production settings where the products that CozyRoc provides have been invaluable for rapid development and performance enhancing capabilities in SSIS.  The CozyRoc line has also made it into my presentations that revolve around SSIS to show how the improvements they can bring can greatly benefit installations.  These benefits include working SSIS into data movement as well as extending SSIS into the DBA world by enhancing maintenance and tasks that require logical decision making.

With the many improvements that SSIS 2012 is bringing to us, it is great to see that CozyRoc is on board and getting their next release out there to keep upgrade and improvement paths in line for SSIS developers.    I encourage you to go out and download the 1.6 Beta release and step back to see where each task, component or script can be utilized to enhance your own teams SSIS usage or even, replace other tasks that may not be leveraging SSIS to make them more stable and efficient.   You will be pleasantly surprised when you review the vast amount of options the addition of CozyRoc can add to SSIS in the form of quickly configured and working objects.

Download CozyRoc SSIS+ 1.6 Beta now.