This is the last post as part of SQL Advent 2011. You can find all of them linked here: SQL Advent 2011 Recap All the posts so far were about SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008, this post will have links to all the SQL Server 2012 posts I have created

First look at SQL Server Management Studio Denali

In this post I show you what the new SQL Server Management Studio which is based on Visual Studio 2010 looks like

A first look at sequences in SQL Server Denali

Sequences finally made it into SQL Server, this post will show you how to use sequences

Screenshots of the new look and feel of BIDS in Denali

Business Intelligence Development Studio has a new look and feel, SSIS has never looked better

Debugging In SQL Server Denali

Debugging got much better in SQL Server 2012, this post will look at some of the new things

Using OFFSET N ROWS FETCH NEXT N ROWS ONLY In SQL Server Denali for easy paging

With OFFSET N ROWS FETCH NEXT N ROWS ONLY paging has never been easier

Playing around with sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set and sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set_for_object

The sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set and sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set_for_object data management views makes it easy to find out what a proc or SQL statement returns

A Quick look at the new IIF function in Denali CTP3

SQL Server now has the IIF statement, this is just shorthand for CASE but it will make for shorter code

A Quick look at the new EOMONTH function in SQL Server Denali CTP3

The EOMONTH function will give you the last date of the month


With DATEFROMPARTS and DATETIMEFROMPARTS you can construct a date by passing in a bunch of integers

ColumnStore Index limitations in SQL Server Denali CTP3

Some limitation that the current version of ColumnStore Index have

Concat function in SQL Server Denali CTP3

Finally SQL Server 2012 has the Concat, this is something other RDBMSes had for years

Format function in SQL Server Denali CTP3

Formatting has never been easier, no need to use style parameters anymore

SQL Server Columnstore Index FAQ wiki page published

Columnar storage is new in SQL Server 2012, make sure to read the wiki for all your questions

TRY_CONVERT in SQL Server Denali CTP3

Before converting, use TRY_CONVERT that will tell you if the value can be converted to the data type you want

SQL Server Code Name “Denali” CTP3 Product Guide available for download

There is some cool documentation available, this includes white papers and videos

Microsoft SQL Server, codename “Denali”, will be the last release to support OLE DB, ODBC is the new new thing

Looks like OLE DB has run its course, ODBC is the new thing