It’s that time of year again to make sure we spend all the money in the training budget. Use it or lose it right! So, after a quick look at the upcoming projects on the white board, I decided it was time to upgrade my skill set in the area of BI. I’ve signed up for “Implementing and Maintaining SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services and Business Intelligence Solutions”. The class is being taught by Global Knowledge up in Boston for 5 days and covers the following;

• How SQL Server Analysis Services can be used to implement analytical solutions

• Create multidimensional analysis solutions with SQL Server Analysis Services

• Implement dimensions and cubes in an Analysis Services solution

• Implement measures and measure groups in an Analysis Services solution

• Query a multidimensional Analysis Services solution

• Customize an Analysis Services cube

• Deploy and secure an Analysis Services database

• Maintain a multidimensional Analysis Services solution

• Implement a Data Mining solution

• Tune SSAS cubes

• Design SSAS for performance

• Load Data Warehouse solutions using SSIS

• Create and implement Reporting Solutions using SQL Server Reporting Services

• Integrate SSAS with Microsoft Excel

• Create Excel Reports against cubes

• Expose cubes in a Sharepoint environment

They use SQL 2008 R2 for this class so it will be nice to get some exposure to that as well.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about what the class has to offer and my experiences there!