Mladen Prajdić has updated his SSMS Tools PACK to work with SQL Server 2008.

Here are some of the cool new things

Query Execution History (Soft Source Control) and Current Window History:
Save all executed queries to file or database and easily find them.
Current window history is a dockable window that show queries executed in a currently active window. There is also a search box at the top that filters results as you type

Search Database Data:
Search for a value in all non-binary columns in all tables in the database

Uppercase/Lowercase keywords:
Set all keywords to uppercase or lowercase letters. Custom keywords can be added. Doesn’t check comments, text and quoted text anymore.

Run one script on multiple databases:
Run selected or full window text on selected databases on the currently connected server.

Copy execution plan bitmaps to clipboard:
Copy selected or all execution plans to a bitmap that is saved on the clipboard.

Search Results in Grid Mode and Execution Plans:
Find all occurrences of your search string in the execution plans or in the results in datagrid mode.

Generate Insert statements for a single table, the whole database or current resultsets in grids:
Generate insert statement from your data.

Text document Regions and Debug sections:
Add Regions and Debug section in your scripts to ease development experience.

Running custom scripts from Object explorer’s Context menu:
Speedy execution of custom scripts from Object Explorer’s context menus.

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) stored procedure generation:
Generate Customizable CRUD stored procedures for all tables in your database.

New query template:
Create a template that is shown when creating a new query window.

Download SSMS Tools PACK 1.1 here: