Last year I attended SQL Saturday in Iowa and enjoyed it immensely. I was glad to see a follow up for this year coming this Friday, September 18th. This year I’m very happy to announce that I will be attending Iowa’s second SQL Saturday and also contributing as a speaker. If you have never been to a SQL Saturday event, I highly recommend attending this one or another in your area. These events are free and organized by people just like you and I. That means they know what you want to hear and how to present that information to you. (Not to mention the awesome prizes that sponsors give out in the raffle)

These events are 100% free. One of the other great aspects to the SQL Community, we have a vast amount of truly community orientated vendors that sponsor SQL Saturday events. When you are attending, take the time out during lunch or between sessions to stop at the vendor booths to thank them and also find out what great new products they have to offer.

I will be talking about SQL Server Integration Services and coming from the ground up to running packages.

The abstract for this session:

This session discusses what is needed to install, develop, and execute a basic SSIS 2008 package. An overview of some basic yet powerful tasks available to administrators and developers as well as ways to increase the performance of commonly used tasks and components will be discussed briefly.

We will cover

  • Planning and Installation Requirements
  • Developing a basic SSIS package
  • Importing/Exporting packages
  • SSIS issues to watch out for
  • Deploying an SSIS package to production
  • Differentiating various package storage methods
  • Running packages manually or on a schedule

I will also be giving away a free licensed for Gerasus’s SSIS-DTS Package Search 2.0. Very cool and useful product!

I look forward to this event and getting into some great conversations with the attendees as well as having the opportunity to sit in on the other great sessions that are scheduled.