Tuesday marked the day that I presented on SSIS basics. The night went really good and the group and I had a great time during the discussion. Kim Young (needs to be on twitter) started us off with stored procedures and error handling and moved into Wendy (Blog | Twitter) plugging PASS and the community.

The group I presented to was about the best group you could get in front of you. Several questions were asked along the way and several attendees jumped in with their own real-life experiences and tips to SSIS trials and successes. SSIS basics itself is a difficult session to fit in one night. From the feedback I received after the session, I was glad to hear that several were going to do just that and jump right in. A few attendees stayed after asking many questions about SQL Server internals and some other things they had in their own installations. If you are attending one of these sessions, don’t hesitate to do the same. I know I truly enjoy helping in any way and getting the one on one discussions going is great for all of us to gain more knowledge.

The slides that were used for the session can be downloaded below. I’ve also included the SSIS package and test import file that the group and I went through while learning some things about SSIS. If you download the package, all you need to do to get it to work with your own test lab and instance is fill in the variables, sqlconn and dbname respectfully. Then place the import.txt on your C drive and away you go!


[DTSX and Import File][4]

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to jump into the LessThanDot forums and ask away. The site is all yours and we’re sitting here waiting to throw a helping hand all the time.

I can’t wait to have the opportunity to jump back in with this group and present again!

I’d also liked to thank “Everyone” that pitched in and gave Wendy, Aaron and I the gift for putting on SQL Saturday in Chicago. That was way over the top thoughtful! Thank you!!!

[3]: /wp-content/uploads/blogs/DataMgmt//SQL Server Integrated Services 90 Minutes.pdf “” [4]: /wp-content/uploads/blogs/DataMgmt//SSUG Demo.zip “”