There are some cool things announced by Microsoft

_SQL Server Application and Multi-server Private CTP – Registration

As part of SQL Server “Kilimanjaro”, we have announced baseline investments for application and multi-server management. We are recruiting customers to participate in a private CTP with SQL Server Engineering. Registration for the Private CTP will take place until December 15, 2008 and the 4-5 week Private CTP will begin in mid-January. Microsoft is looking for participants in entities with at least 1 DBA, more than 25 PCs, and SQL Server installations across their organization. Register today!

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Free Trial Offer

Dell, MaximumASP, and PASS, the Professional Association for SQL Server have partnered to bring you a Microsoft® SQL Server 2008® trial account, absolutely free. Try it out online in a secure hosted environment – you don’t have to download or install a thing – and your feedback will influence the final release.

From the basic capabilities needed for a shared-hosting platform requiring support for Microsoft .NET and PHP technologies, to Hyper-V based virtual servers, to the sophisticated needs of a dedicated server, SQL Server 2008 can accommodate and grow with your data-management needs.

Sign up for a FREE Microsoft SQL Server 2008 account and experience and test Microsoft’s newest, most intelligent data platform in a MaximumASP hosting environment.

Your SQL Server 2008 trial accounts includes:

Hyper-V Image

Reporting and Analysis Services

Integration Services

Full System Admin Rights

All the details and URLs are here: