I saw microsecond and nanosecond already in CTP5 but this is the first time I have seen ISO Week (ISO_WEEK) and Time Zone Offset(TZoffset), maybe I haven’t looked hard enough 🙂

Here are the datepart and abbreviations you have to use for the 4 new oness

microsecond mcs

nanosecond ns

TZoffset tz

ISO_WEEK isowk, isoww

ISO_WEEK datepart ISO 8601 includes the ISO week-date system, a numbering system for weeks. Each week is associated with the year in which Thursday occurs. For example, week 1 of 2004 (2004W01) ran from Monday 29 December 2003 to Sunday, 4 January 2004. The highest week number in a year might be 52 or 53.

TZoffset The TZoffset (tz) is returned as the number of minutes (signed). The following statement returns a time zone offset of 310 minutes.

SELECT DATEPART (TZoffset, 2007-05-10 00:00:01.1234567 +05:10);

If the datepart argument is TZoffset (tz) and the date argument is not of datetimeoffset data type, NULL is returned.