Here we are with another super exciting episode of the SQL Friday, The Best SQL Server Links Of The Past Week show

Here is what I found interesting this past week in SQL Land:

SQL Server Spatial: EMPTY vs. NULL

Yesterday a friend asked me if it was better to always use a value of GEOMETRYCOLLECTION EMPTY as an alternative to making a geometry/geography column nullable. OGC has its own concept of database NULL, that is [GEOMETRY] EMPTY, where [GEOMETRY] can be any valid geometry subtype (that is ‘POINT EMPTY’, ‘LINESTRING EMPTY’, etc). When I asked why it mattered, he said he was tired of putting ..WHERE…IS NOT NULL in every UPDATE of SQL Server spatial data type. Sounds like reason for a blog entry.

TempDB Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Allocation Bottleneck

This blog continues the discussion on the common issues in TempDB that you may need to troubleshoot. See also the post here and here

Did you know, Dropping a snapshot flushes procedure cache in SQL Server 2005

Snapshot feature was one of the new features that were implemented in SQL Server 2005. When you drop a snapshot created on a source database in SQL Server 2005, it clears the entire procedure cache on the server.

The Lesser Known Features of SQL Server Management Studio – Part 3

Aaron Alton shows us a couple of more lesser know features of SSMS, continued here:

Do you focus too much on your backups???

Mike shows some best practices in regards to backups

How I Get By Without sysadmin

Jeremiah Peschka shows you how to get things done even without sysadmin access

Time to Rant : Applications and Administrator Rights

Jonathan Kehayias complains/rants: It is 2009, and I am shocked to find that applications today still show up with a requirement to be a sysadmin on SQL Server, and in the case of one particular application I am helping troubleshoot today, a Local Administrator on the SQL Server machine

Does the down economy have an impact on your job?

Kevin Kline ask if the down economy has an impact on your job? Leave him a comment.

Building Scalable Databases: Pros and Cons of Various Database Sharding Schemes

Dare Obasanjo has an interesting post about the Pros and Cons of Various Database Sharding Scheme

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