Here we go with the links for week 3

Interpreting Output from SQLIOSIM

Kevin Kline has a nice post about interpreting output from SQLIOSIM, he also made a follow up post here: More Tidbits on SQLIOSIM

Is Your Internet Activity Hurting Your DBA Career?

Brad McGehee has a post cautioning readers that what you do on the internet can come back to haunt you later on

Some interesting affects of Table Partitioning

Kent Tegels wrote a nice post about table partitioning

How It Works: SQL Server No Longer Uses RDTSC For Timings in SQL 2008 and SQL 2005 Service Pack 3 (SP3)

The PSS SQL Server Engineers made a post about the change in timings introduced in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3.

SQL Server 2000: Uses GetTickCount with ~12ms granularity

SQL Server 2005: Uses RDTSC with microsecond granularity

SQL Server 2005 SP3: Uses interrupt timer with ~1ms granularity

SQL Server 2008: Uses interrupt timer with ~1ms granularity

Error Handling in T-SQL

Michelle Ufford made a very nice post about error handling, she included a stored proc that you can use to do error logging

Spatial Index Diagnostic Procs

Bob Beauchemin made a series of posts about Spatial Index Diagnostic Procs. The links to the articles are below

Spatial Index Diagnostic Procs – Intro

Spatial Index Diagnostic Procs – Filters

Spatial Index Diagnostic Procs – Filter Output

Spatial Index Diagnostic Procs – How to specify query sample

Spatial Index Diagnostic Procs – The Rest of the Story

SQL Server (2005 and 2008) Trace Flag 1118 (-T1118) Usage

The PSS SQL Server Engineers made a short post some misconceptions that people might have about trace flag 1118

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