Time for another episode of the SQL Friday, The Best SQL Server Links Of The Past Week show.

I skipped last week because of some mysterious reason. Here is what I found interesting this past week in SQL Land:

The death of datetime?

Bart Duncan explains why you should almost always use DateTimeOffset instead of Datetime

Who is Active? v8.40 – Now With Delta Power!

Adam Machanic has updated his Who is Active with a huge number of changes, fixes, and enhancements

SQL Server DBA Interview: Kendal Van Dyke

Brent Ozar interviews Kendal Van Dyke about SQL, RAID, Blogging etc

SQLDumper unable to generate mdmp files in SQL Server 2008 Failover clusters

SQLDumper utility is used by various components of the product to generate and save diagnostic information in the form of mini-dump and other log files. You will normally find the output files [with extension .mdmp, .txt and .log] created by sqldumper.exe in the LOG folder of the specific instance for the Database Engine.

If you have SQL Server 2008 failover cluster installations you might be having a problem that prevents these important files from getting created

SQL Server Technical Rollup – Lots of Useful Documents, News, Events and New KB articles

Tony Rogerson has compiled a nice list of useful documents, news, events and new KB articles

That is it for this week, I will tag the weekly posts with SQL Friday in case you want to see the whole archive in the future

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