Time for another episode of the SQL Friday, The Best SQL Server Links Of The Past Week show.

Here is what I found interesting this past week in SQL Land:

A DBA utility database in every SQL Server instance?

Linchi Shea writes: I was reading Louis Davidson’s post earlier today, and what he said below caught my attention:

I am a big believer in having the database be as self contained as possible, so I try to put [maintenance] objects and such in the database, typically in a schema named utility.

This is different from what I typically do, and got me wondering how people out there managing their maintenance objects. I typically store all the maintenance objects in a dedicated database on every SQL Server instance across the enterprise


SQL Server: What is a COLD, DIRTY or CLEAN Buffer?]2**

What is clean buffer? What is cold buffer cache? The PSS SQL Server Engineers explain the difference


Set based calculation of products of several numbers**

Alexander Kuznetsov shows us how we can use use SUM to calculate the sum of several numbers, but you cannot directly use set-based logic to calculate a product. Yet there is a very simple trick – you can use EXP(SUM(LOG(…))) and get a product of several numbers without a loop

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