Time for another episode of the SQL Friday, The Best SQL Server Links Of The Past Week show.

Here is what I found interesting this past week in SQL Land:

How To Get High Quality Information About Query Performance

Elisabeth Redei shows us how you can use the profiler, dynamic management views and SQLNexus to get high quality information about your query performance

How It Works: Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About The SQL Server (2005, 2008) Performance Counter Collection Components

The PSS SQL Server Engineers have a post about how the Performance Counter Collection Components work

Sparse File Errors: 1450 or 665 due to file fragmentation: Fixes and Workarounds

The PSS SQL Server Engineers have a blogpost showing you what they fixed in regards to Sparse File Errors: 1450 or 665 due to file fragmentation

SQL Server And NULL Values, Revisited

Do you love or do you hate NULLs, Are you scared of NULLs? Aaron Alton has a nice post about NULLs….and don’t be scared of NULLs

Steps to Troubleshoot Connections to your SQL ServerDenny Cherry outlines some thoubleshooting steps that people should take in order to find out what the problem is with connecting to SQL Server.

That is it for this week, I will tag the weekly posts with SQL Friday in case you want to see the whole archive in the future

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