Here we are with another fascinating episode of the SQL Friday, The Best SQL Server Links Of The Past Week show. I can’t believe it is week 10 already, if I continue like this I will be retired soon…..or just tired without the re prefix.

Here is what I found interesting this past week in SQL Land:

Shrinking is a popular topic…

Mike explains some concepts about shrinking and the transaction log

String comparison: binary vs. dictionary

Linchi Shea writes: t is well known that you get better performance if you compare two strings in a binary collation than in a dictionary collation. But is the performance difference significant enough to warrant the use of an explicit COLLATE clause in the string comparison expression?

Get a Quick Review of SQL Server Information

Allen White shows us how you can use PowerShell and SMO to get some information about your SQL Servers

Much ado about logins and SIDs

Greg Low explains what you have to do to SQL Server logins that need to be moved between servers

Back To Basics: Clustered vs NonClustered Indexes; what’s the difference?

Denny Cherry highlights some differences between Clustered and NonClustered Indexes

What the heck is a SQL Server HOBT, anyway?

Aaron Alton explains what a HOBT aka Heap Or B-Tree is, so we are not talking about hobbits

T-SQL Bitwise Operations

Having written about this myself a while back here:

It was nice to see that Michelle Ufford did a nice job of explaining Bitwise Operations in T-SQL

Some Simple Code To Show The Difference Between Newid And Newsequentialid

Someone who thinks he is me 🙂 wrote a post showing why NEWID() is Evil

Index columns, selectivity and inequality predicates

Gail Shaw shows us how how selectivity and index column order affect inequality predicates.

That is it for this week, I will tag the weekly posts with SQL Friday in case you want to see the whole archive in the future

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