I decided to do a weekly post with the best SQL Server related links of the week. These are articles that I find useful and think that they also might be beneficial to you the reader.

Here we go

Space Used By Worktables

Kalen Delaney explains how to find the amount of space occupied by a worktable by using DMVs

Defensive database programming: eliminating IF statements

Alexander Kuznetsov explains why the following logic can fail 40% of the time

IF EXISTS(some query) BEGIN



Automating Common DBA Tasks Complete Series

Jonathan Kehayias has posted a nice collection of code in this post, some of it is below

Configuring SQL Server 2000 Notification with CDOSys

Configuring SQL Server 20052008 Database Mail

Log file growth in SQL Server

Monitor free space in the database files

Monitor free space on the server hard disks

Monitor the SQL Server Error Log

Monitor long running SQL Agent Jobs

Monitor failed SQL Agent Jobs

When constraint remains in system table even the table is no longer exists

Uri Dimant shows the problem with named constraints and temp tables

Advanced SQL Server 2005 Express Job Scheduling

Mladen Prajdić writes how to schedule jobs in SQL Server 2005 Express

BCP Basics

Michelle Ufford walks us through the basics of BCP (bulk copy program). BCP is a utility that installs with SQL Server and can assist with large data transfers.

Getting rid of Instant File Initialization (or enabling it if that strikes your fancy)

Denny Cherry tells us about Instant File Initialization. This allows SQL Server to create files of any size without sitting there for minutes or hours (depending on the size of the files).

SQL Server and Cloud Links for the Week

Why reinvent the wheel? Brent Ozar also has a bunch of links on his weekly link post

That is it for this week, I will tag the weekly posts with SQL Friday in case you want to see the whole archive in the future

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