Channel 9 has two videos up about Project Gemini And Project Madison. These two videos will give you a good overview what Gemini and Madison are all about. Both videos are available in a variety of formats

Introduction to SQL Server Project Madison

The SQL Server team is working on a new project code-named “Madison”. “Madison” is a highly scalable data warehouse appliance that delivers performance at low cost through massively parallel processing (MPP). How does it work? What’s the story? Well, “Madison” Product Unit Manager Christian Kleinerman sure knows the answers and he provides an introduction to this new SQL data warehousing technology

The Madison video is 27 minutes and 48 seconds and you can watch/download it here:

Inside Project Gemini

Office Marketing says: “Need to make timely business decisions without having to use complicated and sluggish analytical applications? Love to use Excel? Project Gemini is an Excel 2010 add-in that allows you to create powerful analyses by quickly manipulating millions of rows of data into a single Excel workbook and utilize Microsoft Office 2010 to share and collaborate on your insights with your team.”

Donald Farmer and Julie Strauss are Program Managers behind this new technology “Gemini”. What is “Gemini”? How does it work? Why? What’s it all really mean, anyway?

Tune in. Very interesting technology here. For all you spreadsheet jockeys out there, this should prove extraordinarliy useful to you when you need to crunch and analyze lots of data effeciently. Wow. 1,000,000 rows in Excel without causing a hang. Nice work, “Gemini” team!

The Gemini video is 29 minutes and 17 seconds and you can watch/download it here:

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