I will be speaking tomorrow night, May 4th, on SQL Server Integration Services basics for the SQL Connections group in the Chicago suburbs. Yes, the Wisconsin guy is going to go farther than Hwy 60 once again. The session, “SSIS 2008 Basics – Get up to Speed in 90 Minutes”, will be going over the fundamentals of SSIS and getting started with your own installation and development of packages. There is a lot to cover when considering SSIS basics when starting from opening the installation media, to opening BIDS for the first time. I hope everyone that attends leaves the session excited and ready to jump into SSIS.

The path and goals of the session will cover

  1. Planning and Installation Requirements
  2. Developing a basic SSIS package
  3. Importing/Exporting packages
  4. SSIS issues to watch out for
  5. Deploying an SSIS package to production
  6. Differentiating various package storage methods
  7. Running packages manually or on a schedule

If you are new to SSIS or a seasoned SSIS developer/administrator, come out and join us. Remember, SSIS is as powerful of a feature in SQL Server to developers and it is to database administrators.

For more details go to http://sqlconnections.eventbrite.com/

Once the session is completed, I’ll upload the slides and accompanying package (with supporting files) to this post.

See you there!