Paul Nielsen and Louis Davidson have agreed to be interviewed on Less Than Dot.

Paul Nielsen is the author of SQL Server 2005 Bible and blogs at

Louis Davidson is the author of Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization and he blogs at

Both of these authors have 2008 editions of their book coming out this year. So do you have anything in mind that you would like to ask them? In general try to keep it SQL Server related. I interviewed Louis before on my old blog and to give you a little ‘feel’ of what the interview will look like I pasted some links below. These links are all the interviews I have done so far with SQL people.

Interview With SQL Server MVP Louis Davidson: Author Of Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization

Interview With Itzik Ben-Gan Author Of Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: T-SQL Querying

An Interview With Ken Henderson About The Forthcoming Book SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting: The Database Engine

Interview with Adam Machanic Author Of Expert SQL Server 2005 Development

Interview With Craig Freedman About Indexing, Query Plans And Performance

Database Refactoring Interview With Scott W. Ambler

Interview With Erland Sommarskog About SQL Server and Transact SQL

Interview With Kalen Delaney About Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Query Tuning and Optimization

Interview With Joe Celko About The Forthcoming Book Thinking In Sets

So if you have any questions, then leave a comment and I’ll make sure that I ask them these questions.