Cumulative update package 2 for SQL Server 2008 is available. Here is what is fixed in this cumulative update

SQL Hotfix bug number KB article number Description
50003172 959783 FIX: A deadlock occurs when you implement DDL statements against the partitions that are defined in a partitioned table in SQL Server 2008
50003229 945127 FIX: You may still experience the performance issue that is described in KB article 940945 after you install Cumulative Update 3 for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2
50003353 957812 cannot merge a publication that has spatial types that include large values with a SQL Server CE subscriber
50003372 956216 FIX: The Transact-SQL debugger automatically saves changes to a script file when you run the script in debugging mode in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
50003413 959889 FIX: When you try to install a failover instance, the unsupported X86 option is available for you to select on the options landing page in SQL Server 2008
50003417 959767 FIX: Memory consumption by MEMORYCLERK_SOSNODE and USERSTORE_SCHEMAMANAGER may cause a performance slowdown of a SQL Server 2008 database
50003451 959768 FIX: Writeback to a measure group is not reflected in a linked measure group
50003457 957815 FIX: A SQL Server 2008 query returns incorrect results when you create a spatial index in a table that contains a composite primary key
50003504 959769 FIX: A DMX prediction query returns incorrect results when you query a logistic regression model in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services
50003529 959770 FIX: Column data is incorrect when a lot of data is processed by the SSIS Fuzzy Grouping transformation
50003541 959771 FIX: Excel 2007 cannot connect to an OLAP cube on a server that is running SQL Server 2005
50003542 959773 FIX: When you use Excel 2007 Service Pack 2 to make a subselect query with calculated members, the query returns unexpected error
50003543 959774 FIX: The Excel 2007 Filter function does not evaluate calculated members so that Excel PivotTable advanced filters return unexpected results
50003562 959776 FIX: Visual Studio 2008 stops responding when you leave a SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services-based database project idle for some time
50003580 958479 FIX: Error message when you try to export a SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services report by using Report Manager: "Internet Explorer cannot download .xls from "
50003600 959788 FIX: In SQL Server 2008, Dr. Watson error information is not posted in the Problem Reports and Solutions window if setup fails
50003601 959792 FIX: Some screens in the Cumulative Update 1 for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 setup contain incorrect information
50003608 959794 FIX: Error message when you use a SQL Server 2008 SSIS package to query a table in an Oracle database: "SSIS Error Code DTS_E_INDUCEDTRANSFORMFAILUREONERROR"
50003611 958611 FIX: You may receive incorrect results when you run a query that references three or more tables in the FROM clause in SQL Server 2008
50003617 958599 FIX: The output from the DBCC MEMORYSTATUS command indicates that the Schema Manager cache uses more buffer space than expected in SQL Server 2008
50003623 958496 FIX: You receive error code 18834 from Replication Log Reader agent when transactional replication starts in SQL Server 2008
50003626 956031 FIX: Error message when you estimate the compression on a table in SQL Server 2008: "Subquery returned more than 1 value"
50003627 959796 FIX: An ODBC function sequence error occurs when you try to send a table-valued parameter by using the data-at-execution mechanism in SQL Server 2008
50003644 959780 FIX: When an AMO object is used in the SQL Server 2008 CLR stored procedure to create or update Analysis Services objects, the stored procedure may fail
50003660 958757 FIX: You cannot use the SQL Server 2008 SMO to manage certificates in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2000
50003661 958758 FIX: Full-text search functionality does not work in SQL Server 2008 Express Edition
50003662 958759 FIX: The recovery model is different when you create a new database by using SSMS
50003665 958762 FIX: When you delete a maintenance plan in a restored SQL Server 2008 database, the maintenance plan is also deleted on the server from which the database was originally backed up
50003668 958790 FIX: Management Studio: When you try to generate a "Drop Table" script SQL Server Management Studio generates a "Create Table" script instead
50003669 958792 FIX: You cannot rebuild an index by using the REBUILD argument together with the ALTER TABLE statement or the ALTER INDEX statement if the table uses Sparse Columns as defined in SQL Server Management Studio
50003670 958793 FIX: Generate script wizard is missing tables when the source database is case-insensitive
50003675 958214 FIX: Query could return incorrect results if a passthrough predicate is used with a filter in its query plan
50003676 958208 FIX: When you call the SQLExecute function to run a query after you set the SQL_ATTR_ROW_ARRAY_SIZE attribute, you may obtain incorrect results in SQL Server 2008
50003684 959798 FIX: A query that uses a DMV to query the sys.dm_os_performance_counters seems to stop responding in SQL Server 2008
50003690 958918 FIX: The setup of SQL Server 2008 may not be successful
50003693 958941 FIX: The "Most Expensive Queries" chart in the Activity Monitor does not show database name or database ID number on a server that is running SQL Server 2008
50003695 958942 FIX: Activity Monitor shows high wait times when the FSAgent wait type is enabled on a server that is running SQL Server 2008
50003696 958943 FIX: The Database or Task State columns may be blank for some processes in Process chart of Activity Monitory on a server that is running SQL Server 2008
50003697 959782 FIX: You cannot access Books Online help from the Activity Monitor feature in SQL Server 2008 when you press F1
50003699 959801 FIX: When you try to patch SQL Server 2008, the patch for SQL Support is not successful
50003700 959800 FIX: When you try to install Business Intelligence Development Studio in SQL Server 2008, the installation may not be successful
50003701 954950 FIX: Error message when you run a distributed query in SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008: "OLE DB provider 'SQLNCLI' for linked server '' returned message 'No transaction is active'"
50003706 959795 FIX: The License Terms screen of the Setup program for Cumulative Update 1 for SQL Server 2008 incorrectly states "To install Service Pack"
50003715 959376 FIX: Error message when you run the DBCC SHRINKFILE command or the DBCC SHRINKDATABASE command on a server that contains a SQL Server 2008 database: "5205 : DBCC SHRINKFILE: Moving Page : failed"
50003717 959790 FIX: Database Engine Tuning Advisor in SQL Server 2008 does not recommend any index to analyze a query
50003724 956298 FIX: When you download the Report Builder ClickOnce application of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services or SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, the Reportbuilder.chm.deploy file is downloaded as the text/html content type instead of the application/octet-str
50003728 956254 FIX: You may obtain an incorrect result when you use a cursor to perform DML operations on a table that does not have a clustered index in SQL Server 2008 or in SQL Server 2005
50003732 959789 FIX: Error message when you run the snapshot agent on a replication of a stored procedure in SQL Server 2005: "The Name property cannot have a value of @param_name for this version of SQL Server"
50003735 956889 FIX: Error message when you run the snapshot agent on a replication of a stored procedure in SQL Server 2005 or in SQL Server 2008: "The Name property cannot have a value of @param_name for this version of SQL Server"
50003736 959032 FIX: A peer-to-peer transactional replication does not replicate rows if you rebuild the index for a published table at the same time as you insert data in the published table in SQL Server 2005
50003741 958555 FIX: A SQL Server Agent job that creates a ServerXMLHTTP object by using an ActiveX script remains in the Executing status and is never completed in SQL Server 2005
50003750 958006 FIX: The size of the SQL Server 2005 error log file grows very quickly when query notifications are created and destroyed in a high ratio
50003792 959785 FIX: Error message when you try to add articles to a publication that uses an Oracle Database 11g database as the publisher in SQL Server 2008: "Constraint column '' not found in table ''"
50003796 959784 FIX: Error message when you synchronize data for a transactional publication in SQL Server 2008: "Procedure or function 'sp_MSins_dbo_msrepl_ccs' expects parameter '@c7', which was not supplied"

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